About Us

Jenny is a librarian and is a tenure track faculty member at the University of Illinois.  While most people think she reads books all day, a lot of her work involves digital interfaces for the library, buying electronic reference resources, and developing new search tools.  Really, she is trying to take the academic library world into the digital age.  She went to the University of Virginia for undergrad, the University of North Carolina for her Master’s degree, and recently finished a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Missouri.

Joe also has an annoyingly long list of degrees, with an undergrad in computer science from Notre Dame and a Master’s in artificial intelligence from Michigan, the school he loves to hate.  He works as an artificial intelligence programmer at Volition, where he creates video games you do not want your kids to play.  He has lots of fun programming cannons that shoot out monkeys.

They fell in love while watching March Madness, which is where Jenny trained Joe to never ever root for Duke.  Joe has also brainwashed her into becoming a Notre Dame football fan, even dragging her to a game in Ireland, which meant she had to make 2 trips to Europe in a month.  Jenny has dragged Joe into her love of travel, and even made him go skiing in Colorado, where Joe broke a rib and now says any future children will have to choose between Disney World and skiing.  All in all, they are big nerds with quirky senses of humor who have a lot of fun.

Jenny hates wedding planning and would rather nap.  Joe wants a monkey ice sculpture.  And yes, they are getting married despite these differences.